Mardi Gras Festivities and Ideas

The Mardi Gras festive season begins on the 12th day after Christmas and ends several weeks later on the day preceding Ash Wednesday, between February 2nd and March 9th. These typical spectacular parties are truly reflective of the festive spirit of the entire season. As you begin planning your celebrations, the suggestions and ideas below will definitely be of tremendous help to you.

Decorations and Party Invitations for Mardi Gras Celebrations

Deciding on your custom Mardi Gras party invitations is one of the first tasks you will need to undertake. Once you have settled on your theme, then your Mardi Gra invitation cards should complement your chosen theme, which is easy to do when you shop online.

When looking at decorations, consider your theme and the traditional colors are gold, purple, and green. Balloons, crepe paper, large colorful banners, and other sundry items are all available at some online party stores. By including colorful paper goods and tablecloths and you are sure to create a fun and festive atmosphere.

Appetizers, Dinner, and King Cake Desert

For light appetizers, you can consider shrimp dip or spicy crab with chips or crackers. For dinner, why not make a big pot of good ole southern seafood gumbo. Gumbo is just about as easy to cook for a small group as it is for larger groups and truly adds some a bit of authenticity to the party. Serve your delicious southern seafood gumbo with rice and cornbread and now you are set.

When planning your dessert, you simply gotta include the traditional ‘King Cake’. For those adding the baby king toy or a gold coin in their Kind Cake, you’ll need to alert your guests to help prevent anyone from losing a tooth when they bite into the cake. Old King Cake legend has it that whoever finds the Baby King or coin in their cake will face good luck for the coming year.

Fun Games to be Played at Your Mardi Gras Party

There are lots of enjoyable and exciting games that you can play at these type parties, some requiring setups while others do not. Here are the details for just a few that might interest you.

–Plan Beads Game: Before starting, you will need lots of beads, so you can include this request in your Mardi Gra invitation wordings to your guests to bring lots of strings of beads and put them all around your house. Then, before starting dinner, ask your guests to count the number of strings they have, and the person with the big number of beads wins a prize.

–Play the Golden Coin Toss Game: First set up a table with ten, 12 -14 oz straight plastic cups, and then paint: 1 gold; 2 green; 3 purple; and leave 4 unpainted and clear. Then, organize the cups on the table around a big triangle, alternating the colors to where you have four cups as the base, followed by 3 cups, then 2 cups, then 1 that is to be the edge of the triangle. Finally, paint five ping pong gold balls gold, and allow each guest five attempts at tossing the ball into the cups.


So, planning your annual Mardi Gras party doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or traumatic, if you start early enough and allow websites to help. Your totally stylish, popular, and trendy Mardi Gras party invitations will set the mood and inspire those receiving your invite to attend your celebration, especially when you use some really exciting Mardi Gras invitation wordings, sayings, and verses.

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